Victory – We stopped non transparent service charges

In late September MTVH published some proposals for service charges that were even less transparent than before. Many leaseholders objected to this. Now MTVH has said they will produce new proposals

On 12th October the residents association received a communication from the Estates Services Manager. She says “Having checked the proposed costs for the estate, I am working on re-distributing the costs across the whole of the estate to better represent the size of each block. The S20 notices will have to be re-issued to reflect the amended costs.”

The Service Charge Officer has confirmed “I will be revising the 2020/21 statement because the internal cleaning costs did not reflect the average amount as mentioned in my previous email. This is because of the apportionment of each property, based on the rateable value, has not allowed me to input a fixed amount and requires manual manipulation. Therefore all credits and debits (for leaseholders) are put on hold pending the revised statement. In addition I will be doing the same for the period 2019/20. I aim to send both revised statements out by no later than the end of November”.

Thanks to everyone who wrote to MTVH to object. If we hassle them enough we can make progress.

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