Plans for Huggins Corner

Last Tuesday 4th May we had another great workshop with Social Landscapes to see the final ideas for Huggins Corner. This is currently a piece of waste group at the junction of Roupell Road and Christchurch Road. Here are some pictures of the proposals

It looks much better than what’s here at the moment

Huge thanks to Social Landscapes as always for the amazing work they are doing, and to Near NeighboursMetropolitan and Pinnacle for their support. And above all to all the Residents who have been coming to these workshops week after week, giving their precious free time and ideas to realise this project.

We hope this is just the beginning of an exciting adventure!

2 thoughts on “Plans for Huggins Corner

  1. thanks for your comment! We are not sure we’ll be allowed to remove the pollards, to be honest, but we have ideas on how to hide them a bit, with plants, or perhaps get the schools to come and paint them in many colors. 🙂 watch this space! if you would like to be informed through our newsletter about the progress please let us know your email address by writing to : (subject: please add me to the gardening newsletter list). thanks! annalisa


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