Electrical Safety Checks For Notting Hill Leaseholders

We’ve heard some Notting Hill leaseholders have received a letter dated addressed to ‘The Tenant’ insisting that they grant an electrician access to my property to carry out an electrical safety test that they claim is required by law.  We don’t believe this law applies to leaseholders, only to general needs tenants.

One leaseholder has said “I used to get these letters (last year) and I would call the contractors to explain that I was a leaseholder. They would agree that I shouldn’t be on their list (though would continue to get the letters). My impression was that it was an admin error”.  This seems a sensible approach if you get these letters.

Some leaseholders have expressed concern that this work will impact on service charges.  We won’t know this until the final service charge statements come in September 2021.  When they do we can challenge Notting Hill for receipts to see if they’ve charged leaseholders for this work.  We held a public meeting about this in 2019, details here

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