Locks on the bin stores

Several residents have commented on problems with locks on the bin store. Optivo has told us this is done for fire safety reasons

Residents have said that since Optivo has fitted locks to the bin doors people are now dumping rubbish all over the road and pavements. Optivo’s response is

I can confirm the keypad locks were fitted to these bin store doors following instruction from our Fire Safety Team. This stemmed from a Fire Risk Assessment that was carried out on the blocks.

All residents in the blocks were provided with the relevant codes so they could continue to access the bin stores.

For the residents at Valens House, there’s a hatch for them to put their rubbish in the bins.

Therefore, they wouldn’t need to unlock the door unless the bag was too big to fit through the hatch.

I understand this has made accessing the bin stores at Worthington, Tebbs & Strode House more complicated but it was done for fire safety reasons.

Lambeth and Veolia have also been provided with all necessary codes so they can continue to complete collections with no issues.

From past experience it is hard to challenge something done for fire safety. But we can investigate alternate methods to stop people dumping rubbish.

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