What Happened At Our AGM

At our AGM we discussed our campaigns, discussed our gardening project and elected a new committee

Present: 19 residents
Observers and guests:

  • High Trees CDT: Graham Weston and Jawad Anjum
  • Notting Hill: Jarek Filipowicz, Conrad Ashade & Kaira Ellis
  • Metropolitan: Valerie White & Perry Tole
  • Optivo: Natalie Boyce& Althea Callum
  • Cllrs Mary Atkins & Ben Kind
  • Janie Bickersteth of Incredible Edible Lambeth

1. Gardening

Janie Bickersteth of Incredible Edible Lambeth : The aim was to localise food production, on places often barren, building community relationships through food, guerilla gardening. She showed examples, including a project by a bus stop, improving degraded land.
There are other projects in Lambeth.

(…Jarrett invited residents to supply articles to a newsletter she was compiling )

Annalisa Premoli said we had applied for £2000 grant to regenerate corner of Roupell Road with Christchurch Road, and we had won the grant. She invited everyone to see the Doodlebug Garden in Wavertree Road as an example of what could be done, and work was also being done on Palace Road Estate. We would work with Social Landscape to come up with designs.

Residents had identified 2 other sites, including one near Fenstanton school, corner of High Trees, by Sheppard House

2. Current Campaigns include:
Damp Cllr Mary Atkins said the independent surveyor had done his report which found in our favour, the report had been submitted to the Council cabinet, and the housing associations are to submit action plans. The report has not been published so we do not know the details, but the HAs had been criticised for the manner in which they dealt with tenants.

Cllr Atkins praised the TRA for a “Brilliant campaign” which had got everyone involved and had led to a good outcome. She anticipated the report will be published by 20th November.

Jarek (NH) said he had leaflets available on damp which covered when damp can be ascribed to life-style and when it had other causes. (Action: a copy has been requested by Terry Curtis for TRA)

Gaywood Close Scaffolding: CB said this shows campaigns can get results. Scaffolding had been up for 18 months, but a door-knocking campaign seem to have done the trick.

Pest Control: Terry Cooper said there was an infestation of mice 113-171 Abbotts Park, (not on the map) Ark had quoted for the work to be done, but Metropolitan had so far not done the work. Valerie White, Metropolitan, said there had been a delay.

Bins: SK explained the problems, bins being turned round the wrong way, etc

Service Charges: AP said a spread sheet had been compiled showing difference in costs even within blocks, and big discrepancies between similar blocks, also that Optivo charges had made massive increases since they took over, work had been charged for and not done, but there had been reductions after complaining.

3. Outreach

CB said MP, Belle Ribeiro-Addy’s tweet about damp had received most views (4195). History page (by SK) was most viewed(597), ), and 25% of estate had visited web-site (total 2,300). Facebook not so good.

4. Accounts.

Terry Curtis presented accounts 2019-2020. (Spread sheet prepared by Michae; O’Sullivan). We had spent £430, and unavoidable expenses came to under £400.

Optivo had provided grant of £250, Metropolitan were finalising grant, but the TRA had struggled with Notting Hill. Kaira Ellis said she would look into this. Optivo requested copy of accounts.

We were in process of setting up new bank account but lockdowns,etc, had delayed this.

Accounts agreed.

ACTION: Terry Curtis to send accounts to each HA.

5. Elections:

Conducted by Perry Tole (Metropolitan)
Stephen Kearney elected as Chair, proposed by Saleha Jaffer

Peter Hurst elected as Vice-Chair

Terry Curtis elected as Treasurer, proposed by SK, seconded by SJ

Chris Blake elected as Secretary, proposed by SK, seconded by SJ

Committee: Tery Cooper, Saleha Jaffer, Annalisa Premoli, Ed Crawford, & Justine Harrison.

All elections unopposed

6. Any Other Business
SK raised 2 scooters in basement of Burnell House.

Terry Cooper: Footpath by school. Lamps unlit. Should not school pay for lighting?

Also teachers parking in Abbotts Park. Perhaps there could be a gate.

Terry Curtis said different parts of the estate have different problems with parking, but SK said once one part of estate have restrictions this would affect other parts. Optivo offered to consider full consultation.

Terry Cooper also said the Community Centre was causing parking problems when hall booked for events. Optivo will contact Centre.

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