Return of the recycling bins


We have new recycling bins for Worthington, Tebbs and Strode Houses

Worthington, Tebbs and Strode Houses had their green recycling bins removed several years ago without explanation. This caused annoyance and inconvenience to residents of the blocks, who either had to go out of their way to use the often already overflowing bins of other flats or had to guiltily forego recycling.

Now, thanks to persistent lobbying by St Martin’s Residents’ Association, the three blocks fronting the main Tulse Hill road (A204) have had their green bins restored. Tenant Peter Hurst, who lives in Worthington House, commented: “It’s great we can recycle again. And it shows what residents can achieve when working together through the residents’ association.”

If you’ve got a problem with lack of bins near your flat please contact us. We may be able to help

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