Our MP visits our estate

Our local MP, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, visited our estate on Thursday 22nd August. She discussed our damp campaign with local residents

She subsequently wrote to Metropolitan demanding action on damp and other issues.  Here is her letter (the name of one resident is removed to protect her confidentiality)

Mrs X’s 92nd birthday is fast approaching and she has various health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and COPD. I witnessed, first hand, the holes in Mrs X’s bedroom ceiling that is disintegrating due to damp. Mrs X has to permanently keep the bedroom window ajar, all year round, as an attempt to encourage ventilation in order to prevent the damp from spreading …  In cases such as Mrs X’s, I am sure you can appreciate why continued inaction is no longer acceptable. I would appreciate your support with addressing the damp in properties such as Mrs X’s as a matter of urgent safeguarding.

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