Help Improve Our Green Spaces

PRERA gardeningDo you love nature and green spaces? Do you want to help us improve our estate with gardening projects?

If so, please answer this questionnaire for us, it will take you less than two minutes ūüôā

(It’s also anonymous , unless you decide to tell us your email at the end).
There are two kind of projects we are looking at: one is the regeneration of the area near Roupell Road and one is a growing food and creating wild gardens in other areas within the estate (to be identified).

For the Roupell Road green area, we are looking for funding and have already got in touch with Near Neighbours who funded the consultation for a regeneration project in the nearby Roupell Park Estate.

For the growing food and wild gardens project, we are in touch with Incredible Edible Lambeth and Urban Growth, who have already been working with other estates on similar projects.

Projects like these are happening all around us: for example the Tulse Hill Estate Poly Tunnel, developed by a local resident, which has brought residents of all ages together as they shared the labour and the produce grown there.

Our friends from the Palace Road Estate , just across the South Circular, have been busy too: they have put in some planters to grow vegetables:  and planting shrubs around the estate too:

We have also been in touch with our Labour councillor Ben Kind and with Metropolitan Community Manager Perry Toole, who are keen to support these type of projects which improve the wellbeing of residents and their sense of community.

so… what are the¬†next steps?¬†

  • First of all, please do help¬†us spreading the word: the more we are the better ūüôā
  • Second, get in touch with us and suggest areas in the estate for food growing and wild gardening (In September we could organise a walkabout the estate to find such areas).
  • Third, if you are happy to help us in this first phase of organising, emailing, leafleting, please do let us know, as it would be a huge help to have few more people on board ūüôā

Photo Credit: Palace Road Residents Association

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