Rubbish Ideas

Here are some of the ideas we’re received for our waste campaign. What are yours

We had a meeting on the evening of Monday 3rd February to discuss ideas for our waste campaign. Ideas included

  • Fly tipping in bin area between Portland and Morrison
  • Fly tipping in bin area by 98-121 Gaywood Close
  • We often have fly tippers pulling up in their cars by Harbin House and dumping stuff.
  • Only 1 recycling bin in Harbin House. The latter is regularly overflowing so that recycling often ends up in the general waste.
  • Bins in the middle of Gaywood Close should be emptied twice a week

We’ve also received some ideas verbally. We’ve collated them all into this spreadsheet. The most common complaint was fly tipping, with “not enough bins” coming second.

One thought on “Rubbish Ideas

  1. Evening sorry I could not make this evening.
    I live on Challice Way.
    We have had the refuse bins stolen & never replaced,so there are always bags left by the side of Full bins. That’s both General & Recycled bins.
    Fly Tipping is a big issue and so is the issue of Large household items !!
    I am sure the tenants handbook states to contact the council or take to the Council Tip/Dump in West Norwood.
    I would love to see more refuse bins ,that even includes small ones placed along the pavements.


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