Huge variations in Leaseholder Service Charges

We now have the service charge details from seven leaseholders, and even from this small sample we are already seeing some interesting questions emerge:

Questions such as:

  • Why are two leaseholders living in identical flats in the same building paying different amounts for buildings insurance?
  • Why are some leaseholders paying almost twice as much as others for cleaning?
  • Why are there such large discrepancies between levels of service charge between the different housing associations?

We are planning to put these questions to the housing associations but we need as much evidence as possible to back up our claims.

Knowledge is power. The more we know about what different leaseholders are being charged, the more data we have with which to challenge the housing associations and hold them to account.

Please contact us with a copy of your service charge statement. And we’ll add your (anonymised) details to this spreadsheet

We will keep you updated on any progress we make with challenging the charges.

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