Celebrate Black History

St Martins Community Centre are running events throughout October to celebrate black history

On Thursday 17th October at 7pm the St Martins Community Centre will be holding a lecture to celebrate the history of Africa before the slave trade. This lecture discusses the Empire of Mali, the Yoruba Kingdoms, Medieval Sudan, Medieval Ethiopia and the East African Coast. Full details here

On Friday 25th October at 7pm listen to Zita Holbourne as she speaks in interview about her journey and ongoing fight for gender equality for the most marginalised women. Full details here

On Saturday 26th October at 7:30pm St Martins Community Centre invites you to come together to celebrate the contributions and achievements of our local Windrush residents. A commemorative evening filled with song, dance, poetry and more. Full details here

You can also download hardcopy publicity for all three events.

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