Involving Lawyers To Fight Damp

Are you thinking of involving a lawyer to fight damp in your flat. Here’s our advice

The TRA recently heard from a property lawyer. He can take up disrepair cases if cause is condensation, but not if simply damp. A claimant would have to show condensation is caused by structural defects, so an expert would need to look at property and draft report. Any case would be on No win, no fee. Legal aid very limited. If all the properties making claim have similar problem then it was easier to claim. Not strictly speaking a class action, but a number of individual actions with the same problem. (e.g. Sheppard House). Compensation was unlikely.

If you want to involve a lawyer to fight damp please contact us. We can then put you in touch with other people who have involved lawyers so you can support each other. Note we cannot recommend a particular lawyer or instruct lawyers on behalf of the TRA, we can simply put you in touch with other people in the same situation.

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