The St Martins Library Sign has been removed

It was a momentous occasion last month when after 18 years the old St Martin’s Library sign came down from the street outside High Trees!

Reposted from High Trees CDT

We became concerned that the sign could potentially become dangerous in high winds and although it had stood safely for years, maintenance hadn’t been carried out on it in a while.  A huge Thank You to OCO limited who kindly donated their time and equipment to take this sign down.  High Trees are grateful to Mark Howarth, Gary Wilton, John Moore, Dave Rodgers, Ricky Watson, Bill McGregor and everyone involved in making this all possible.

We would absolutely love to get this sign replaced if we possible can, and will continue to look into potential fundraising opportunities that would allow the sign to be lit up for the first time in 18 years!dsc_0378





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