Metropolitan is doing a survey on damp

Metropolitan is doing a survey on damp on our estate, starting Monday 26th September

They have emailed Cllr Mary Atkins to say

We anticipate the building condition surveys to St Martins will commence next week [week commencing 26th September]

We will be writing to residents this week to advise them these will be taking place, and to inform them that our surveyors may knock on their door as they are seeking to cold call a number of properties in each building to assess the interiors to identify whether the fabric of the buildings is caused faults to occur.

Metropolitan earlier promised to undertake structural surveys of “all buildings”. However, we’ve now heard they will only survey 11 buildings. We’re still waiting for confirmation about which buildings these are

Thanks to everyone who attended our public meeting on damp in May, and everyone else who helped make this happen. If you have any thoughts on the next steps, or have any news on what the surveyors found in your flat, please contact us

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