Bills from Kimberly Smith may have been sent in error

We recently received an email from a resident of Harbin House. It seems recent bills from Kimberly Smith may have been sent in error

The resident said

Many leaseholders/ service charge payers received a demand for money last week [14th December 2015] from Kimberly Smith (an estimated 100,000 people across Metropolitan). I challenged mine as there was no indication as to what the money related to. I took a call from the Leaseholder Income Officer yesterday who explained that the letters were computer generated as the result of a new computer system which does not recognise service charge payments made in the name of the payee unless accompanied by a pay number. Therefore any service charges paid by standing order have been collected but not recognised by the new system.

If you live on the St Martin’s Estate and have received a bill from Kimberly Smith please contact us and we’ll help where we can.

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