Police Independent Advisory Groups – New member recruitment

Reposted from the Metropolitan Police website

The Independent Advisory Group (IAG) in Lambeth acts as a ‘critical friend’ to Lambeth’s Police Service

It offers ideas and advice on aspects of policing policy and procedure, strategy, practice and service delivery that affects the community and is important to minority groups and communities in particular. It serves to challenge conventional thinking, give an independent perspective on issues and to work as genuine partners in service delivery. It is designed to provide advice on how policing services may be, or are being, perceived by communities.

Independent advice can also be sought in relation to critical incidents, major investigations and when pre-planned operations are proposed. Independent advisors can help to ensure that these activities have the support of the community and any community resources can be identified. Independent advisors may also be able to alert the Police to any negative effects of proposed actions and thereby help to prevent tension between the Police and communities. The responsibility of the outcomes however rests wholly with the Police.

The IAG represents a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs, experiences and interests. Our independence is our major asset. We respect one another’s views and do not focus disproportionately on the interests of any particular section of the community. We give our advice without fear or favour. We meet as a group every two months and we ask that if you join the IAG, that you prioritise these meetings in your diary. It is possible that you will be required to attend other occasional meetings to represent the IAG.

We are seeking a number of new members who can contribute. Being a member of the IAG is a rewarding and frequently fascinating way to volunteer within the MPS. If you are shortlisted, we would ask you to meet with two or three current committee members for a short interview to assess your suitability.

We look forward to receiving your application. The application form and an introductory pack is here

Closing date for applications is the 30th November 2015.

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