Dennis says Come to Our AGM


In the run up to our AGM we’re featuring various people from this estate explaining why they support the TRA. Today we feature Dennis from Abbots Park

I came to my first meeting because I had an issue I wanted to raise with Metropolitan. I came back because I think it was important for ordinary people’s voices to be heard. I’m particularly proud of our work delivering newsletters to the estate. I’m also proud of our work knocking on doors to talk to people about repairs. I notice many issues with repairs walking about this estate. Metropolitan need to do more to get this right

The St Martins Residents Association has achieved so much in the past year. With your help we can achieve even more. Come to our AGM to find out more

Residents Association AGM
Tuesday 27th October, 7pm to 9pm
Scout Hut on High Trees

Full details and publicity here

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