General Meeting

Image from wikimedia commons, licensed under Creative Commons
Image from wikimedia commons, licensed under Creative Commons

We’re having our next general meeting this Tuesday

St Martin’s Residents Association General Meeting
Tuesday 27th January, 7pm
St Martin’s Community Centre, Abbots Park

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Coffee will be served from 6:30pm and there’s an advice surgery with Cllr Mary Atkins and Metropolitan from 6pm. Why not come a bit early and meet your neighbours

The first item on the agenda is the campaign to get the youth facilities in the new academy open to all the estate, as we were promised when the academy was first granted planning permission. After that it’s up to the meeting what items you want to discuss. Issues regarding communal lighting, anti social behaviour and leaseholder rights have been prominent recently, but do feel free to come with any other issues and if enough people want to discuss them we’ll put them on the agenda.

We hope to keep the general meeting as practical as possible. Our aim is to discuss how to run a campaign and get as many people involved as possible. Everyone involved in the TRA is a volunteer, and the more volunteers we have the more likely we are to make change happen.

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