Thoughts on Chuka Umunna Visit

Picture Credits: Bernie Ahern
Picture Credit: Bernie Ahern

Several residents have been kind enough to give us their thoughts on the Chuka Umunna MP visit last week. You can see several short thoughts from residents here, and Stephen has contributed a longer write up

A place is not deemed to be discovered until people of certified importance announce it. Who discovered America? Why, Christopher Columbus, of course, in 1492 as any schoolchild can tell you. The people who were already living there for millennia didn’t count: their IF (Importance Factor) wasn’t high enough. America was, quite simply, off the map until that westward sailing, very important Genoese gentleman put it there. And St. Martins Estate was off the map too.

You can read the full article here

Perhaps the most important message from all of them is that there’s still work to do. Please come to our next general meeting so we can discuss how to take the campaign for decent repairs forward

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