Lobby Chuka Umunna MP this Friday

Picture from Wikimedia Commons, licensed under Creative Commons
Picture from Wikimedia Commons, licensed under Creative Commons

We’ve been campaigning on the state of the communal lighting in High Trees since the summer, and things have finally started to move. Cllr Marcia Cameron has submitted a members enquiry about how many lights are broken, and Chuka Umunna MP has now taken an interest

Estate Walkabout with Chuka Umunna MP
Friday 9th January, 10:15am
Meet outside the Community Centre on Abbots Park

(the chief executive of Metropolitan will also be present)

Please note the revised time. Umunna has had to rearrange this appointment at short notice

Please come on the walkabout if at all possible. We need as many residents as possible to show Umunna why there are issues on the estate that demand his, and Metropolitan’s, urgent attention.

(Note: St Martin’s TRA is not affiliated with any political party. Any elected official from any party is welcome to support our campaigns. And we are open to all residents of the estate regardless of political affiliation)

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