Thames Water

Challice Way residents – were you without running water in mid September. Make sure you complain.

People in Streatham got financial compensation when they were without running water. You could get compensation too.

Please email with the subject heading “Formal complaint”. We suggest the following text

Dear Sirs

I wish to make a formal complaint about the interruption to my water supply.

From Monday 16th September to Wednesday 18th September I had no running water in my property. This meant that
• To drink I had to use bottled water
• To cook I had to TODO
• To use the toilet I had to TODO
• For any medical condition I had to TODO

My household consists of me, TODO other adults and TODO other children.

Please assure me what steps you are taking to ensure this not happen again. And please give me prompt financial compensation.

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours sincerely,
Name: TODO
Address: TODO

Please let us know if you receive any offer of compensation. Then we can let you know how it compares to what other people have received.