Sewage in Tebbs House

There’s a problem with sewage in Tebbs House. Sewage is leaking into communal areas which is causing a really bad smell and could be bad for residents health.

The entry to Tebbs House looked like this on 26th April
Tebbs House

Background is as follows

  • 12th September – We’re not happy with Metropolitan’s response. We’ve put in a formal level 3 complaint. You can see it here
  • 17th August – Metropolitan has finally responded to our complaint. You can see their response here
  • 29th June – Metropolitan has still not replied to the complaint we sent over a month ago. We’ve escalated it to a stage two complaint.
  • 19th May – The TRA has submitted a complaint to Metropolitan, details here
  • 18th May – Matter now fixed. But this issue should not have taken over five weeks to resolve. The TRA will submit a complaint
  • 8th May – Matter not fixed. The TRA is going to encourage residents to complain
  • 28th April – K from Metropolitan attended our general meeting. We promised the matter would be fixed by 8th May
  • 15th April – Metropolitan placed temporary flooring on the site
  • 15th April – K from Metrpolitan said “we have traced this to a possible ruptured pipe underneath the building which leads from Flat 13 to the main sewer” but gave no date for a fix
  • 14th April – B sends a second email to Metropolitan. She said the was “clearly not treated as an emergency. I have visited Tebbs house tonight and was appalled at the smell and the amount of fluids on the floor. It is clearly sewage … I think you need to get some sort of temporary floor down to prevent people having to walk through sewerage to get into block … I am very disappointed that a housing association would leave families in such s poor state as this could have implications on people’s health and well being.”
  • 9th April – B from the TRA contacts Metropolitan. She said “One of the residents has approached me about a puddle that develops inside the door at first it was thought it was rain water but she said it comes even when we have had no rain and it has a smell of sewerage could this be looked ASAP as this in the entrance and could cause illness if it is sewage”

Do you want to help with the campaign to get this fixed. If so, please contact us

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