Rickards Close Pavement

The pavement in Rickards Close was in an awful state. We persuaded Metropolitan to repair it. The picture at the top of this page show the difference

The history of this issue is as follows:
23rd September 2015 – Confirmed the pavement has been resurfaced. This issue is fixed
28th August – Work order number updated to 5065381/1. K from Metropolitan says “the works are due to take place Wednesday 2nd Sept onwards” but doesn’t give an exact date.
18th August – We receive an email from Metropolitan. It says “Please accept my apologise that a job was not raised for the pavement when [the chair of the TRA] wrote into us which was received on 9th July 2015 … I have now raised a new repair under 5064960/1 this has been assigned to our new contractor who will arrange an appointment to attend when they take over from Keepmoat in early September. I have registered this as a complaint under reference 5857232”
17th August – Repairs still not done. The TRA has put in a formal complaint to Metropolitan.
29th June 2015 – The TRA goes door to door asking residents to sign a pro forma repairs report. 22 people agree. (These forms weren’t sent off until 6th July, sorry for the delay)

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