Kynaston House Door

Kynaston House door CROPPED
The security door at the front of Kynaston House is broken. The door should automatically close behind everyone who leaves. Instead the door remains open after someone has left, which leaves the entire block very insecure.

The timeline for this repair is as follows:

  • 1st May – Metropolitan fixed the door
  • 28th April – Residents bring their concerns to the TRA general meeting. K from Metropolitan agrees to fix the door by Friday 8th
  • 18th March – C and D from the TRA committee go door knocking throughout Kynaston House. 13 people sign our pro forma repairs report. 1 person has reported the issue already.
  • 10th March – S from the TRA committee reports the repair to K from Metropolitan

It may be that mass reporting of the repair will be enough to get the issue fixed (it was with the Abbots Park paving). If not we’ll be in touch with the residents about how to escalate the issue.

If you’d like to help out with the campaign in any way please contact us

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