Members Enquiry re High Trees Lighting

Cllr Marcia Cameron recently submitted a members enquiry regarding the lighting in High Trees. The text on the enquiry is below

Following a walk about on the St Martins Es.t on Friday 22nd November 2014, with local residents to note down the amount of lights that were not working, on the est. I was shocked and dismayed at the amount of lights which were not working. Alleyways were dark, pathways with broken and missing steps were unlit and there were many blocks with no lights on the stairways at all. Not to mention the road lights near the local school on the est. which is a danger to children as the nights gets darker not one was working . There has been a growing number of accidents with over a hundred lights not working on the est. The newly formed residents association have reported this several times but very little have been done. It is also a concern of the safer neighbourhood team for obvious reasons. The frail and the vulnerable do not feel safe coming out at night and many residents are reduced to using torches’ to light their way. Councillor have also been reassured that works will be carried out but there is not sense of urgency or a date offered for when all the light might be fixed. This is a basic requirement and a health and safety hazard. It is my hope that residents do not sustain any major injuries. I have been informed that some of the lights have not been working for over a year and MHT Housing keep on promising the residents that they will fix the lights by certain dates which have not happen. In my opinion this is unacceptable and the residents of St Martins Est. deserve better and are in the process of carrying out a petition.

I am extremely unhappy about the way in which the residents are being treated and I would be grateful if MHT Officers would fix the lights as a matter of urgency without delay and feel that senior Officers need to go down to the estate and take a look as it is really shocking.

(Note: St Martin’s TRA is not affiliated with any political party. Any elected official from any party is welcome to support our campaigns. And we are open to all residents of the estate regardless of political affiliation)

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