Burnell House bins

Burnell House bins pt3

There’s a problem with the bins outside Burnell House. One bin is upended and completely unusable.  See the picture at the top of this page.

The history of this issue is as follows:

19th October – The TRA received confirmation from TC that the bin has been removed completely
17th August – The unusable bin has been moved to a less unsightly position. The TRA is in touch with the council to get it removed completely
3rd July – The residents of Burnell House now have two usuable, but the third is upended to make it unusuable, see the picture at the top of this page. As one residents commented, it looks like a “Tate Modern Arts project. All the bin now requires is a signature by the artist Mr Mutt”. We’re in touch with Cllr Cameron to get this fixed
30th June – The bin without wheels was emptied, but after that was upended to make it unusable
24th June – 10 of the 15 households in Burnell House sign a letter to Cllr Cameron asking her to take action to fix this issue. If you missed the TRA going door to door you can contact your councillors here
22nd June – The TRA is proposing to go door to door in Burnell House asking people to sign a pro forma letter to their councillor regarding this issue
15th June – TF from Pinnacle (a Metropolitan contractor) said “The dustmen have reported this to me and their line manager. The wheel is broken and the two guys cannot move it. They have told their line manager more than 5 times but he has done nothing about this. I have reported this [Metropolitan]”
12th June – TC confirms to Cllrs Atkins and Cameron this is still an issue
8th June – TC from the TRA reports the issue to Cllr Mary Atkins and Cllr Marcia Cameron.  There are two bins, but only one is being emptied.

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