Making a Complaint About Damp

We’re encouraging everyone affected by damp to put in a formal complaint. Here’s how you do it

Firstly, please write an email. We suggest the following format:

I wish to make a formal complaint about damp in my property at TODO

The damp is in the following rooms TODO

This affects me because TODO

I have contacted you before on TODO

I would consider the following to be an acceptable intermediate resolution:
o You describe what methods you are using to immediately end my damp problem.
o You agree to a formal structural survey to assess if there is a problem in the structure
o You will let me know when this survey will take place

I look forward to hearing from you

Who you send your email to depends on who your landlord is:

  • For Metropolitan, email
  • For Optivo please use the contact form
  • For Notting Hill please email

Please copy us in:

Many residents have said their landlords have fobbed them off in the past. But we’ve making progress on this issue. And if we keep up the pressure we can win.