Background to School Traffic Issues

At our April General Meeting we’ll be discussing traffic issues regarding the school’s on the estate.

We have approached Katharine Dobkin, the deputy head of Fenstanton, about the fact the entrance to the school is often so congested with cars at school closing time it can be unsafe for pedestrians. What she has said is as follows.

I am more than happy to take any feedback you have as to how we can support traffic flowing better around the school site – I know it gets incredibly congested and we do what we can to prevent parents dropping off. We have asked Lambeth several times for the cameras they promised to deter people breaking traffic regulations. I believe they were also supposed to put up railings? You may know more than I.

As I said, if you believe it is something within our power to do, we are happy to discuss it and action it if we can.

We have also approached Jim Henderson, the head of the City Heights Academy, after residents complained it was difficult parking on the estate (specifically Gaywood Close) and believed that was due to staff at the new school. Henderson’s response is as follows

As I said at the meeting, it is highly unlikely that any of my staff are parking on Gaywood Close as there is sufficient on-site parking at present. It is much more likely to be someone from Fenstanton Primary School which, as I said, is not connected with us.
As I also said at the meeting, we have a policy of encouraging staff to walk, cycle or take public transport. As we grow, if we are short of parking spaces, we will ask staff to park in Hillside Gardens and surrounds.
My suggestion is that you ask the resident to get the registration numbers of any cars that seem to be parked in Gaywood Close during the day but not in the later evening and send it to me and to Fenstanton. I will check that none of these vehicles belongs to my staff.

(The meeting Henderson refers to is the meeting with the TRA that took place last September. You can see the minutes here)

Please come to our general meeting on Tuesday 28th so we can discuss how to proceed on these issues.

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