25th October email re High Trees Lighting

Throughout 2015 the St Martins TRA has been campaigning to get High Trees lighting fixed. We’ve put in formal complaints for each light that has been out for more than a month

On 16th October 2015 we received an email from Metropolitan Customer Care department. It said “Please note that your emails have been added to Complaint 5883747 that is open and assigned to Michael Marshall, Customer Care Officer”

We responded on 25th October as follows:

I note that you intend to treat complaints regarding broken lights as a single complaint.

On what basis does Metropolitan feel that complaints about lighting from different addresses and at different times can be placed in the same complaint? If, as is bound to happen, some lights are repaired before others, at which point should the complaint be escalated under your procedures?

Does this also mean that all complaints about plumbing, for example, will be placed under a single reference?

We understand that if 2 lights which are next to each other are both out then you would wish to place them both under the same reference. Does this mean that if 2 flats which are next to each other, or are in the same block, have similar plumbing problems, and they each put in a complaint at different times, then they would both be placed under the same complaint reference?

If all the inoperative lights are grouped in a single complaint, then that complaint will almost certainly never be resolved. If all the faulty lights are itemised separately then at least Metropolitan have the option of resolving some of them. If you do intend to pool all the lighting problems in one complaint, and since it is unlikely that it could ever be resolved, when would stage 2, etc of the complaints process be triggered in your view? When would a complaint to the Ombudsman be triggered?

For these reasons, and this is pending your reply, the St Martins Tenants and Residents Association cannot accept the placing together of all lighting complaints in one complaint, and the residents reserve their position as to how to pursue individual complaints.

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