Community Composting

A demonstration on how to use the compost bins will be held on Saturday 29th April

Community Composting Demonstration

Saturday 29th April 1030

Meet by the compost bin near 67 Challice Way

Run by Incredible Edible Lambeth with residents association support 

If you can’t attend, don’t worry.  Contact us to say you want to be part of the project.  Then a resident that attended the workshop will be able to demonstrate how to use it another time. 

There will be instruction on what can and can’t go inside the bin on the lid and in every caddy we provide. 

The compost bins will be locked and only accessible once you have been shown how to use them. Only then you will be able to get the code. 

We will be installing the compost bins next Wednesday, 26th April 2023, near Challice Way.

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