Spring Has Arrived in St Martins

We had an amazing day gardening on Saturday 11th March

First, we had a composting event, with the amazing Orsetta from Incredible Edible Lambeth explaining how the composting project will work.

We’re so proud that more than 30 people in the estate have signed up and expressed an interest in composting and helping the environment! If you are interested and haven’t yet got in touch please contact us

Then we moved to Morrison House where we helped the Residents plant two lovely Magnolias and a long border of hedge plants, which will transform the now bare green space into a beautiful garden.

We also planted a cherry Tree in 1-10 Gaywood House garden. So the residents will be able to pick juicy cherries soon!

Thanks to everyone who helped

  • Incredible Edible Lambeth
  • Cllr Olga Fitzroy
  • Jan Nairn from Notting Hill Housing Association
  • Alison and Mark Welsdon from Southern Housing
  • The guys from Chequers
  • Our amazing gardener Patrick
  • All the residents who showed up, (and especially Jackie, Milena and Manuela who came all the way from Challice Way to work their magic in Morrison House!).

Spring has arrived in St Martins.

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