New Trees for Morrison House

Over the last three years, our brilliant gardening team has been working to improve the green spaces in our estate. We need your help to improve Morrison House.

We have chosen the Morrison House back garden area as the next lucky place to plant some trees together, and we would love you to get involved. Everyone is welcome

If you live in or near Morrison House we’d like you’re feedback on

● what trees would you like to see in the Morrison House back garden?

● would you like to join the planting events, or looking after the trees?

● do you have any questions or comments about this?

Please let us know by Sunday 18th February. There’s some ideas for trees on pages 2-3 of this leaflet

We need help doing the tree planting. We’ll bring all the tools and an expert gardener will people gardening skills. We just need your enthusiasm

Community Tree Planting in Morrison House

Saturday 11th March, 1:30pm

Meet in the back garden of Morrison House

No experience required

Let us know you’re coming

Download publicity here

Lots of residents have participated in our planting events and in doing so they made new friends and discover the passion of gardening. Together we can make this estate beautiful

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