Complain about increased MTVH leaseholder fees

MTVH have increased the costs leaseholders pay for cyclical works with almost no explanation. If you’re an MTVH leaseholder please complain

Please send the following email to and copy in  Or you can use your own words.  Please let us know if you get a response

Thank you for your letter of 5th September where you say you will use Axis instead of Greyline for the cyclical works as Greyline have now increased their costs.

I understand this will mean increased costs for me.  Can you please provide me the revised quotes from Greyline, Axis and The AD Construction Group

Can you please also explain why you chose Axis to fulfil the works.  In the letter you sent me on 22nd April 2022 they were the highest cost contractor.

I look forward to hearing from you

This matter was raised at the meeting with the Leasehold Advisory Service.  They said “Leaseholders don’t have the legal right to request new quotes in this situation.  But we should put in a formal complaint to insist the landlords explain their reasoning in greater detail”.  I’ve still put a request for new quotes in the standard letter as there’s no harm in asking, even if it’s not a legal right.

We’ve forced MTVH to implement transparent service charges as a result of our campaigns.  We can succeed here too.

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