Our Community Gardening Project

We’ve had some great feedback from our gardening project. Here are three residents’ stories

Beth says

“My son [pictured] and I really enjoyed the tree planting project and will be keeping an eye out for any future events. It was a perfect way to get out and meet our neighbours and local community. Elis and I learned so much about tree planting and maintenance. 

Elis has been diagnosed with autism and finds socialising quite difficult but at the event he was very happy to talk to other adults and children which was very positive for him. Also living on the estate in a first floor of maisonettes means we don’t have a garden and Elis is such a green fingered child so it was amazing to get out do some gardening.  

Elis really enjoys checking on the trees too, it gives him a sense of responsibility. He can’t wait to water them, unfortunately (for Elis) all this rain has been doing the job. 

So happy that we saw your poster advertising the event and will be recommending any future events to my immediate neighbours and children. Thanks again for such a marvellous day.

Lucrecia says

“Am happy to participate in planting fruit trees in the area where am living, this is a great contribution to the community and also to the environment as everyday I passed the fruit tree it reminds me what a great to see it and others tenants are looking at the tree and releases that there is a community who cares for the area, as we are living in a area where the traffic is 24 hours per day, and planting trees and others vegetation will contribute to environment and also the community can feel that the housing association do care for the community and support future plan’s. This fruit tree will be for the new generation to come and to encourage them also to take care of the environment and vegetation”

We’re still looking for new volunteers. Contact us if you want to get involved

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