Challice Way planting event

We hope people and enjoying the space in Challice Way our volunteers have worked so hard to transform. We are planning another event on the 7th August

Challice Way Planting event
Saturday 7th Aguust, 11am to 2pm
Meet outside 28 Challice Way

We have built a planter for a vegetable patch and we have been promised delivery of compost by Notting hill housing association on the day.

We have also heard from Pinnacle and they have confirmed they can come and help, which is great:)

We have a couple of options for Pinnacle help: get them to build more planters around the little squares closer to jackie’s place, or ask them to help us build a “green screen” between challice way and the street with bamboo or bauddleia , as Patrick suggested.

If you have other ideas please let us know and please let us know what you think about the above options.

Also please note that Notting hill has promised us benches , but these will take longer for budget approval. They are also helping a resident to clear out a green space behind challice way for people to enjoy.. and this is thanks to all of you showing commitment and hard work during our gardening events.

So thanks to everyone and see you on the 7th!

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