MTVH Leaseholders deserve transparent service charges

Back in March we held a meeting about lack of transparency in MTVH service charges. We still haven’t received an adequate response from MTVH so we need to escalate the campaign.

People in similar blocks can pay vastly different amounts for services like internal cleaning.

MTVH agreed this was a problem and would get back to us by the start of June. So far it’s mid July and I’ve seen no proposals. So I think we need to escalate this.

Please make a formal complaint to MTVH about this. Using your own words is best. But if you have writers block I suggest the following. Please copy us in


Subject: Formal complaint

I am very dissatisfied with the lack of transparency in how my service charges are allocated.

I understand Kay Williams addressed the residents association on 24th March. The official minutes at confirm Ms Williams “admitted there was a problem. She said some blocks of approximately 24 units were charged £7,000 for internal cleaning, others are only charged £3,000 for internal cleaning.”. Ms Williams promised us a new proposal by the first week of June.

I have not yet received this proposal, and I do not believe the secretary of the residents association has either.

Please inform me why no leaseholder has received this proposal for improved service charge transparency and when I will receive this proposal

I look forward to hearing from you

Do let me know if you get any (non automated) response.

If MTVH continue to fob us off we can raise this matter with the housing ombudsman with the support of a councillor (see this background note on your rights). But we need to prove we have exhausted the internal complaints procedure first.

We know this issue affects Optivo leaseholders too. If you’d like to help with a campaign to put pressure on Optivo for transparent service charges please contact us

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