Better bins for Valens House

This year we’ve known there are problems with the bins at Valens House. Now it looks like Optivo are going to do something about it

Paul recently received this message from Optivo

Thanks for meeting with me on Friday to discuss the options regarding the side entrance bin store at Valens House.

As discussed, I’ve taken some photos of the area and asked Chequers to quote for installing 2 Metrostor Recycling units, fit 2 ‘General Waste’ signs to the hatches of the existing bin store & plant out the narrow bed along the wall.

I’ve also approached our Reinvestment Team regarding the installation of a small floodlight on the corner of the building to light the bin store area and am awaiting their response on this. I’ve advised them this may help deter regular fly tipping culprits.

Once I’ve received the quote from Chequers, I’ll arrange to meet them on site to go over measurements and create a location plan.

We will look at beginning the works in April with the aim to have them completed by 1st May 2021.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Congratulations to Paul for getting this far. You can read how he did it here

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