Key Metropolitan Leaseholder Issues

We’re having a meeting for Metropolitan leaseholders in March. Tell us what issues we should focus on

We’re hoping to have a meeting of Metropolitan leaseholders sometime soon, probably towards the end of March. The idea is to have someone from Metropolitan and a Cllr Ben Kind present. We will ask Metropolitan to answer pre submitted questions. Then if the resident is happy with the answer that’s great. If not, Cllr Kind can tell us how to escalate the issue.

Please tell us in advance what questions you would like answered. Two questions we’re already received are:

  • I’m charged £304 a year for internal cleaning in my flat (98 – 121 Gaywood Close), but the cleaner only comes for one hour a week. This suggests a cost of £140 an hour for a cleaner. Why is it is expensive?
  • I’m charged £304 a year for internal cleaning for my one bedroom flat in 98 – 121 Gaywood Close. But a resident of a three bedroom flat in Taylor House is only charged £178. Why the discrepancy?
  • I am charged for both Internal Cleaning £325 per year and Door Entry Systems £21.24 per year! Why do I receive these charges since my flat is based on the ground floor and I do not benefit from neither of those charges? 

Please send any additional questions to

Two additional requests:

  • If you haven’t done so already, please send us a copy of your service charge statement. can use this to update this spreadsheet that helps us find discrepancies.
  • Please email to ask for receipts to corroborate your service charge. This is your right under section 22 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. And it might help us identify why there’s such variation in service charges

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