113 – 171 Abbots Park is infested with mice

113-171 Abbots Park is infested with mice

There’s no point us getting pest control in as individuals: the mice will simply move to the next flat. We need our landlord to do pest control for the entire building.

If you live in 113-171 Abbots Park and haven’t done so already please complain to Metropolitan. We suggest you send the following email to contactus@metropolitan.org.uk and copy in StMartinsResidentsLambeth

Dear Metropolitan,
I wish to report an infestation of mice in my property at TODO Abbots Park
The infestation is in the following areas: TODO
The infestation affects me because (e.g. it exacerbates a phobia, it exacerbates a medical condition, it limits room usage): TODO

I know this infestation affects other flats in the block so you need to send pest control to cover the entire block. Please let me know when you will do this.

Yours faithfully,

Together we can fix this!!

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