Trouble paying your rent, these people can help

We know some people may be struggling with housing costs as a result of a drop in income due to the Corona Virus. These people can help

Shelter has given this summary of the legal position for tenants (public and private)

We have written to our three public sector landlords asking that “all residents are offered the clear option of deferring rent or service charge payments either in part or in whole for the duration of the crisis”.  You can read our full letter here 

The London Renters association have advised all tenants (public and private) to write to their landlord directly if they think they may have problems with the rent.  Leaseholders might like to use a similar letter if they think they’ll have difficulties paying their service charge. There is a sample letter here.  

If you rent publicly your landlord’s contact details are.

Please also contact the London Renters association directly so they can give you legal advice and help get the word out.  And please contact us. We have several people on the estate who are good journalists and can get the word out if any of our landlords (public or private) try anything dodgy.

Picture credit: London Renters Union

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