What Should Be Our Policy on Events in Parks

There are two new events planned in Brockwell Park this summer: Mighty Hoopla on Saturday 8th June and Cross The Tracks on Sunday 9th June.  If you have any concerns let us know

Firstly, please come to the community engagement session

Community Engagement on Events in Brockwell Park
Wednesday 13th March
Jubilee Community Centre, Tulse Hill Estate
Drop in any time between 5pm and 10pm

If you can’t make this session please contact your councillors, and copy us in

We’ve also been invited to take part in a broader consultation in what Lambeth’s strategy should be about events in parks.  If you have any thoughts please contact us, preferably by Friday 5th April, and we’ll pass this on to our delegate

Image By Tommy20000Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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