Controlled Parking on the Estate

Message from Terry Curtis, TRA Chair:

“Most residents will by now have received notification of the “Proposed Controlled Parking Zone Brixton Hill area”.
Whilst the document contains all the relevant information it is not very user friendly so the following is an attempt at extracting the relevant information for St Martins Estate.
The Estate is largely unaffected. There will be restrictions along Upper Tulse Hill and Roupell Road. One may think this is sensible. Similarly there will be some restrictions along High Trees which will apply to junctions and blind spots. That is it.

I should add thanks to Councillor Mary Atkins for ensuring that the consultants  took the trouble to fully consult the residents.
I did mine the following further information for those who are interested. Perhaps because the scheme referred to Brixton Hill very few residents responded. So, for example, Only 2 residents from Gaywood Close responded to the consultation. The statistics state that 50% of those in Gaywood Close were in favour of restrictions and 50% were against.
No-one responded at all from Abbotts Park, Atwater Close, Ewen Crescent, Jemma Knowles Close, Maskell Close, Rickards Close or  Neil Wates Cres. One responded from Bannister House to say no, 4 responded from Challice Way to say no, one responded from Ewen Cres to say no.
12 responded from High Trees of whom 9 said no, and 2 out of 3 from Vibart Gardens said no.
Credit to Mary Atkins who when she spoke to the consultants discovered that the consultants did not know for example which blocks were on High Trees. She persuaded the consultants to meet with residents from the Tenants & Residents Assoc and the consultants explained their proposals for High Trees.
I really did not expect that the scheme for High Trees would be sensible, but Lambeth seems to have improved and I’m older and wiser.
For those who wish the documents are on the website:, and can be seen at Brixton library. Any comments and objections must be by 12 April.”

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