High Trees CDT are running Literacy Training

CIH group pic

The High Trees CDT would like to invite interested parties to attend the self-directed adult literacy and language learning training this Wednesday 19th October.

Literary Training
Wednesday 19th October 10am to 1pm
Scout Hut on High Trees

(upper Tulse Hill end, opposite Shephard House)

Please pre book by calling High Trees on 0208 671 3132 or by emailing hannah.jameson@high-trees.org

The training is provided through an Erasmus+ project, Autonomous Literacy Learners – Sustainable Results (ALL-SR), which explores the potential of coaching to support self-directed adult literacy and language learning. After attending the training, if you are interested and would like to participate in the project, there will be an opportunity for 3 people to be supported to pilot the coaching approach with an individual or group. All resources that accompany the training/pilot will be freely available if you are not able to commit to piloting the approach during the project period.

Background to the training is here (Microsoft Word format, download a free viewer here)

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