Cleaning Charges for Leaseholders

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting on leaseholder issues in February.  We’ve now received a response from Metropolitan about cleaning charges.

At the meeting residents raised the issue of cleaning charges.  “Ben [from Metropolitan] promised to send Chris [the TRA secretary] a breakdown of cleaning charges for all blocks on the estate to explain why they are so high”

We’ve now received a response from Metropolitan.  The TRA secretary does not think it is a breakdown of costs, but when he emailed Metropolitan to ask for a breakdown of costs they said what was sent was adequate.

The TRA committee is meeting soon to consider next steps.  If you have any ideas on a good way forward please contact us

Metropolitan’s response is

The blocks at St. Martins all receive the same service;

  • Sweeping of all stairs and entrance halls in communal areas
  • Mopping of all stairs and entrance halls in communal areas
  • Vacuum cleaning of carpet where appropriate
  • Window cleaning – quarterly
  • Cleaning of banisters and skirtings
  • Cleaning of communal doors and window sills
  • Cleaning of lifts
  • Communal light fittings (unless new LED lights as that would go to repairs)
  • Litter picking
  • Removing marks from walls and graffiti

The tasks above are carried out once a week (apart from window cleaning). The cleaners currently also do daily checks in blocks between Mon and Fri and will deal with any H&S issues that they find, such as spilled liquids.

Metropolitan procured a new cleaning and grounds maintenance contract last year with a start date of June 2015. The contract was procured in accordance with current legislation and the prices were benchmarked against other organisations. Pinnacle’s bid was the most competitive.

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