Lambeth Councillor Helps Our Campaign Against Damp

Cllr Mary Atkins has agreed to submit a members enquiry about the damp in St Martins.

For those who don’t know a members enquiry is an enquiry from an elected member of the council that is logged and monitored by managers within an organisation. If the elected member does not like the answer we can take it further more quickly than an individual . They can also accumulate evidence from several similar enquiries and demand senior management address the issue

The member’s enquiry she sent reads:

Below are the minutes of a meeting about damp on St Martins Estate, Tulse HIll [see here]. I have been a Councillor for 3 years and this was one of the first issues I dealt with. I was assured by the then manager , Tyson that it was recognised within Metropolitan that the damp in several block was “structural” and that a survey was being undertaken.

Baldwin House in particular has severe damp in several properties; I understand your surveyor Mr Roach has agreed to undertake surveys but these have not been actioned. Could you:

1. Find out when surveys will be undertaken of the blocks below
2. What follow up action will then be devised.

The member’s enquiry was sent on Thursday 28th July. Metropolitan have ten days to answer (i.e. they should answer by Thursday 11th August). Watch this space to see if they do.

(Note: The St Martins TRA is not affiliated with any political party. We’re grateful for the support Cllr Mary Atkins from Labour has given us. We would also welcome support from representatives of any other political party)

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