Brockwell Park Community Partners AGM

This is a reminder that the 2016 AGM of Brockwell Park Community Partners will take place on Sunday 24th April in Brockwell Hall, at 11am.

1. Welcome and introductions
2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising
3. To receive the Chair’s Annual Report
4. To receive the Annual Financial Report and Accounts
5. To consider any resolutions or amendments to the constitution
6. To elect the voting members of the public (vMOPS)
7. To elect the officers of the charity
8. AOB

Please send any nominations for Officers to the Secretary; nominations can be received up to the start of the AGM.

If there are any resolutions, or amendments to the constitution, please ensure that these reach the Secretary in time to be circulated to our stakeholders and to be considered before the meeting. Copies of the Constitution are available from the secretary upon request or you can download a copy from the Charity Commission’s website.

Please note that the treasurer of Brockwell Park Community Partners resigned in January and they are looking for a member to take up the post.

The St Martins TRA is a community partner and has a vote at the AGM. We hope to send an official delegate to use this vote. Anyone is welcome to attend the AGM as an observer.

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