Minutes of Chuka Umunna meeting

Chuka talking
Picture Credit: JAGS Foundation

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting with Chuka Umunna MP on Friday 19th February.  For those who missed it, the minutes are below

Present: Chuka Umunna MP, Kushrim Bylykbashi (Metropolitan Repairs Manager), Carl Quilliam (Metropolitan Public Affairs Manager), Sean O’Donoghue (Metropolitan Operations Manager), Cllr Mary Atkins, about 20 residents

Chuka opening remarks
Chuka opened the meeting. He said he was disappointed the situation with the lighting had not been resolved over a year after his initial visit. He said he was also disappointed nobody senior from Metropolitan was present. This was not an insult to those Metropolitan staff who were present, but they should not have to defend the actions of senior management. Senior management should be present to do this for them.

Chuka expressed concerns at communication problems with residents. He also expressed concerns that repairs were not done properly. There was “a merry go round of shabby contracts and rubbish service”. He called for repairs to be taken in house.

Residents comments
Residents made the following comments:

  • Dennis from Abbots Park asked for a free phone number to call Metropolitan.
  • Carroll said you had to wait ages to speak to a member of staff when you called the call centre (up to 50 minutes in her experience) and the person you spoke to was often disrespectful.
  • Chioma from Maskall Close called for the estate to be run via a Tenant Management Organisation. Chuka said he would support a TMO if residents were in favour.
  • A resident said there were problems with the roofing at Derrick House. Water was coming through the roof and into the flats
  • Carroll from Kynaston House said the pipework in Kynaston House was completely corroded.
  • Deborah from Courier House said water from the roof was coming into flats.
  • Chris from Gaywood Close said there were level three complaints against Metropolitan for lights that had been out for many months.

Action Points
Chuka agreed to write to the Housing Ombudsman expressing his concern if the lights Chris highlighted were not fixed within a month.

Sean will report the next TRA general meeting on the steps he is taken to discipline contractors who do substandard work. He will also investigate if Metropolitan can have freephone number.

Any Other Business
The following points were also noted by the secretary in informal conversations after the meeting closed:

  • A resident claimed the corridors on 25-50 Baldwin House are not properly cleaned
  • Sorim from Gaywood Close claimed there was a problem with stop cocks on 21-30 Gaywood Close, which lead to flooding
  • Claudia from 41-75 Challice Way claimed there were no nearby recycling bins


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