Why Not Become a Block Rep

The TRA is currently looking for block reps.  Why not volunteer yourself

The duties of the block rep are:

  • To distribute leaflets throughout the block.  This will take at most half an hour, about four times a year
  • Feed back issues from the block (e.g. are communal lights out, is the guttering blocked, is there anti social behaviour).  This will take ten minutes to send an email or make a call when you see an issue.
  • Attend four general meetings a year, two hours long

All the duties of a block rep can be done in 11 hours a year, or just under an hour a month.  It isn’t much work, but it really helps spread our reach throughout the estate.

If you’d like to volunteer to be a block rep, or simply want to chat with someone about what is involved, please contact us

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