Progress Since Our Last General Meeting

Me speaking CROPPED

There’s been progress on various issues since our last general meeting in April. Please come to our general meeting on Wednesday 26th August to discuss how we can get more progress.

The Kynaston House security door was fixed shortly after the general meeting. The issue with sewage in Tebbs House took until 18th May to fix. We put in a complaint about how long this took to fix and finally received a response on 17th August. We’re still deciding how to proceed now.

High Trees lighting is better than at the start of this year, but still far from ideal. We’ve put in complaints for every individual light that has been out for more than a month. Work so far is done by three people, they need more help.

Work to put out a press release regarding the lighting and organise a survey of Gaywood Close lighting was delayed by higher priority work on youth facilities.

Some TRA members met with the deputy head of the primary school. The full report pack is here. The school are engaged with TfL’s STARS travel planning programme and someone from Lambeth will monitor behaviour at drop-off times when the school starts in September. We still haven’t resolved the issue of teachers parking

Youth Facilities / Dip Site
We handed in a petition with over 400 signatures to the council and got in the Brixton Blog. We have got this response back from the council regarding our petition. This had a small effect in that some parts of the Maskall Road site can now be used by one external group. We need to do more work on this if we’re going to get anything like the facilities we were promised.


  • We have a new logo – Thanks to Asal & Ruby from Fenstanton School for designing it and Tracey for organising it
  • We have a newsletter – Thanks to Brendan for designing and Bernie for organising printing
  • We’ve had a Fun Day. This was organised by a separate group. Shirley, Dennis, Bernie and Tracey from the TRA played a big part.

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