Traffic outside Fenstanton School


The TRA is in touch with Fenstaton Primary School about about traffic and parking problems.

The school is conducting a survey about travelling to school and hopes to have the results soon. They are also engaged in TfL’s STARS travel planning programme.

We discussed parents dropping off children Kate Dobkin, the head. She was very co-operative but thinks there is no easy solution. The school has been asking the Council for CCTV.

The school have since met with with the Lambeth borough officer.  She will come in in September to witness and monitor behaviour at drop-off and discuss measures that could be taken to keep cars away from areas where children are waiting and walking to school.

The school has taken up up the TRA’s suggestion of a Healthy Living program which they will launch September. This encourages encouraging children to walk to school.

We also discussed the question of teachers parking, but this was not resolved.

Some TRA members wondered if access to Gaywood Close and Abbots Park could be restricted at school opening and closing times. We’d really appreciate the views of other residents on this.

Jim Henderson, the head of City Heights Academy, has told us “all my staff who drive are asked to park either in our car park or on the roads to the south of Christchurch Road”

Metropolitan are currently consulting residents about putting in a Controlled Parking Zone on the estate. The TRA takes no view of this, we know there are strong arguments both ways. But we do encourage everyone to take part of the consultation.

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